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Puppets, such as these from "Mustard Pancakes", are created from reticulated foam and covered in fabric - in this case, fur fabric. 

The heads are sculpted (from block foam) which is then hollowed out, lined and the mouth palate installed. 

The shape of the bodies are patterned (using sheets of 1/2"-3/4" foam).
  This overlays a skeletal structure based on wooden dowling, boning and hooping, which not only helps the puppet articulate well, but also gives the weight needed for easy positioning.

Sometimes mechanisms are used for extra expression, such as MO and MR. D who have eye-lid mechanisms and OOGLEBERRY who's eyebrows move.  TINY TINA's ears also pop up using tubing and an air bulb instead of mechanical means.
         TINY TINA
             MR. D.
Some images from work in progress on Mustard Pancakes and Prairie Berry Pie....